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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

$60 to spray up to a 2-bedroom apartment, condo or house for bed bugs

Bed bugs have invaded the United States from coast to coast.   Bed bugs are the ultimate hitch-hiker.   If one person has bed bugs in his/her apartment, there is a good chance that these tiny newly hatched bed bugs may have crawled onto their clothing.  When the person goes to visit a friend's apartment, goes to a restaurant, to work, travels on a train, these tiny bugs will crawl onto the chair or couch where the person is sitting.  Then the next person sits on that chair and the bed bug crawls onto that person's clothing.  That person carries the bed bug back to his home.

There is a myth that only "dirty people" get bed bugs.  WRONG!   Getting an infestation of bed bugs is as simple as sitting in the wrong chair, or hanging your coat next to somebody's  coat.    Being clean or dirty has nothing to do with who gets bed bugs.  Million dollar homes who have a cleaning crew every week could become infested.   

Bed bugs not only hitch-hike on clothing from one person to another, but  can also infest an entire apartment building.   If one tenant brings home a bed bugs on his clothing, that bed bug will start reproducing by the age of 1 month old.    As long as a bed bug can find a person, dog, cat, bird as a food source, it can lay eggs every few days.   Those  eggs will hatch and within 30 more days, those newly hatched bed bugs will mature and start laying more eggs. 

Bed bugs not only live in people's beds but also in cracks and crevices, drawers, clothing, closets, bedding in the room in which people sleep.    Bed bugs find you by sensing the carbon dioxide in your breath.  Moving to sleep in the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom to get away from them won't work.  They will find you the same way that mosquitoes find you when you sit outside in the summer.  They sense your breathing and the carbon dioxide that you exhale.   These bugs prefer to live within 20 feet of wherever you are sleeping.  If you sleep on the couch in the living room, they will find you.

Bed bugs multiply at a very rapid rate.  That is how they are able to spread so quickly.  If one apartment or condo in your building has been infested with bed bugs, eventually those bed bugs will travel through the walls, crawling on the electric wires, water pipes, wooden beams, to the next apartment or condo.  They are looking for a new source of food.  Unfortunately their source of food is your blood.

This is why it is very important for owners of apartment buildings to ask each of their tenants each month if they have bed bugs.   Tenants need to stop being ashamed and frightened and tell the owner they have bed bugs.  Apartment /condo units need to be sprayed as soon as bed bugs are discovered so that they do not spread to the adjacent units.   Remember -- anybody can get bed bugs.  No amount of cleaning or scrubbing the floors and walls will get rid of them.  It is not a matter of trying to be extra clean.  In fact, while cockroaches live where there is food crumbs left on counters, tables and floors, bed bugs only drink blood.   They not only hide in your mattress (because they are then close to you) but also in any crack or crevice, drapes, clothing, light fixtures, television sets.  They are so tiny when they hatch, you can barely see them.  It is only after they are at least a month old, can you start to see them.  The bigger they are -- the older they are.

Cole Home Maintenance will spray a condo /apartment  (up to 2 bedrooms) for $60 per unit

Some exterminators you call may want a lot more money. They do that because they can.  People are suffering and some exterminators  will charge whatever they think a person will pay.  Cole Home Maintenance does not believe that people should have to pay more than a job is worth simply because they are being eaten alive with bed bug bites.  We have found that treating people fairly is the right thing to do.  

Cole Home Maintenance works 7 days a week.   There is no extra charge for having your home sprayed on the week-ends.  We don't believe that people should have to take a day off of work in order to be sprayed for bed bugs or cockroaches.  We make an appointment for a specific time and we show up on time.

We DON'T arrive in a marked up vehicle with huge letters screaming to all the neighbors that you have bugs so bad that you had to call an exterminator.    The vehicles are always unmarked.  Your neighbors never know we are there to spray your apartment building or apartment unit or condo or home. 

Cole Home Maintenance will NEVER ask you to sign a 1-year contract.   Read the article on our web site to see how some exterminators won't spray your building or unit without a contract.     These exterminators want you to pay, and pay and pay every month whether or not you still have cockroaches or bed bugs.  When your contract is up -- you may find that they will fight you and try to stop you from stopping them from automatically renewing that original contract -- even after you don't want to hire them anymore.    Simply don't hire an exterminator that insists on a 1-year contract.   A good exterminator doesn't need a year to rid a building of cockroaches or bed bugs.

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