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Alabama Bed Bug Law

Chapter 420-3-11

Construction, Maintenance, and Operation of Hotels

420-3-11-12  Insect and Rodent Control

(1)   General   - Effective measures intended to minimize the presence of rodents, flies, cockroaches and other insects on the premises shall be utilized.  The premises shall be kept in such condition as to prevent the harborage or feeding of insects or rodents.  Openings to the outside shall be protected from rodents and insects by tight-fitting, self-closing  doors, closed windows, screening, controlled air-currents or other means.  Screening material shall be not less than sixteen mesh to the inch, tight-fitting and free of breaks.

(2)  Infestations  -  Guest rooms and other areas of the hotel found to be infested with rodents and/or insects, including but not limited to cockroaches, BED BUGS , fleas, lice or mites, shall be subject to immediate closure until treatment of the room or area has been deemed effective in elimination of the vermin.  The Health officer shall declare the problem abated before the room or area is reopened to guests.

(3)  Premises  -  Immediate surroundings and premises shall be kept clean and free from rank growth of vegetation, discarded materials and insanitary nuisances.

(4)  Garbage and Refuge -- Each guest room and vanity area shall be provided with garbage containers.  All containers used in guest rooms, vanities, bathrooms, lobbies, hallways and public assembly rooms shall be constructed of durable materials that do not leak or absorb liquids.  These containers shall be kept clean and in good repair.  Garbage containers and single liners shall be provided in kitchenette areas

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