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Local town ordinances relating to apartment buildings and restaurants

Arlington Heights Multiple Dwelling Ordinance

Section 14-1701  Definitions

For the purposes of this Article, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings set forth below:

a.  Condominium
Any dwelling unit under individual ownership in a multi-unit structure as provided in the Condominium Property act of the Illinois Compiled Statutes
b.  Condominium association
Any organization or association which governs the operation of common areas or services for two or more condominiums
c.  Dwelling unit
Any room or group of rooms located within a dwelling and forming a single habitable unit with facilities which are used or intended to be used for living, sleeping, cooking and eating
d.  Townhouse
Any dwelling joined to another dwelling or dwellings at one or two sides by a party wall or walls and designed exclusively for use or  occupancy by one family of the internal space from lowest basement or floor level to roof.
f.  Townhouse association
Any organization or association which governs the operation of common areas of two or more townhouses
g.  Village Manager
The Village Manager of Arlington Heights or designated representatives.  Designated representatives for the administration and enforcement of this Ordinance include the Finance  Director, Director of Building, Director of Health Services, the Fire Chief and their representatives

Section 14-1702 License Required

a.  No person or association shall operate a multiple dwelling without holding a current, unrevoked operating license issued by the Village in his or her name for the specific named multiple dwelling.

b.  Every operating license shall be issued for a period of one year from its date of issuance unless sooner revoked and may be renewed for successive periods of not to exceed one year.     Revised 04/05/99   46 Arlington Heights Municipal Code (Ord. #99-018)

c.  The Village Manager is hereby authorized to issue new operating licenses and renewals, in the names of applicant owners or operators of multiple dwellings.  No license shall be issued unless the multiple dwelling is found to meet all requirements of Chapter 23, Building Regulations, of this Code and all applicable rules and regulations

d.  No operating license shall be issued or renewed unless the applicant, owner or operator has first made application on a form provided by the Village.

e.  Condominium and townhouse associations shall register with the Village annually with the specific information, listed below, including the number of rental units per building / complex and are subject to the licensing provisions of this Article if they meet the minimum required provisions of subject to the licensing provisions of this Article if they meet the minimum required provisions of this Article:

1.  Legal Name and location of the condominium / townhouse complex
2.  Names, Titles of Officers of the Association
3.  Name, address and phone number of registered management agent
4.  Name and phone number of emergency contact (24 hour)
5.  Number of rental units per building:  percentage of rental units per complex

Section 14-1703  Investigations and Inspections

No operating license shall be issued or renewed until  an inspection is made pursuant to Chapter 23, Building Regulations, as the Village Manager may require to determine whether the multiple dwelling is in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 23 and with applicable rules and regulations

Section 14-1704  Designation of Agent

a.  No operating license shall be issued or renewed for a nonresident applicant, unless the applicant designates in writing to the Village Manager the name of an agent for receipt of service of notice of violations and for service of process, pursuant to Chapter 23, Building Regulations of this Code.
b.  No operating license shall be issued or renewed for a resident applicant, unless such applicant has first designated an agent for the receipt of service of violations of the provisions of this Code and for service of process pursuant to this Code when the applicant is absent from Arlington Heights for 30 or more days.  This designation shall be made in writing and shall accompany each application form.

Section 14-1705  Renewal

No operating license shall be renewed unless an application has been made within 60 days prior to the expiration of the present operating license.

Section 14-1706  Notice of Change

Each license shall be displayed in a conspicuous place within the common ways of the multiple dwelling.  Every person holding an operating license shall give notice in writing to the Village Manager within 24 hours after having transferred or otherwise disposed of the legal control of any licensed multiple dwelling.  This notice shall include the name and address of the person or persons succeeding in the ownership or control of the multiple dwelling.      47  Revised 05/01/07 Other businesses  (Ord. #99-018)

Section 14-1707  Records Required

Every owner or operator of a licensed multiple dwelling shall keep, or cause to be kept, records of all requests for repair and complaints by tenants or members of the association which relate to the applicable provisions of Chapter 23, Building Regulations, of this Code, and of all corrections made in response to such requests and complaints.  These records shall be made available by the owner or operator to the Village Manager for inspection and copying upon request.

Section 14-1708  Violations and Suspensions

a.  Whenever, upon inspection of the licensed multiple dwelling or of the records required to be kept by Section 14-1707, Records Required, the Village Manager finds that conditions or practices exist which are in violation of the provisions of this Code or of any applicable rules and regulations, the owner or operator shall be served with notice of such violation as provided in Chapter 23, Building Regulations.  The notice shall state that unless the violations cited are corrected with a reasonable time, the operating license may be suspended.

b.  At the end of the time allowed for correction, the Village Manager shall re-inspect the multiple dwelling and if conditions have not been corrected, he or she may issue an order suspending the operating license.

c.  Any person whose license to operate a multiple dwelling has been suspended may make a written request for reconsideration.  Upon receipt of a request for reconsideration, the Village Manager shall have the premises re-inspected to determine if they are in compliance.  If no request for reconsideration or petition for hearing reaches the Village Manager within 21 days following the issuance of the order of suspension, a notice of license revocation shall issue.  The licensee shall then have 30 days to either bring the premises into compliance and request a reinspection or request a hearing.  If the license fails to  take either action, the license shall be revoked.  (Ord. #99-018)

d.  If, upon reinspection, the Village  Manager finds that the multiple dwelling is in compliance with this Article and with applicable rules and regulations, he or she shall reinstate the license.  A request for  reinspection shall not extend the suspension period, unless the Village Manager grants such request.