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Bed Bug Protection for Dogs and Cats

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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

Dogs and cats do not spread the bed bugs but they can suffer from bed bug bites as do we humans.

The easiest way to repel those nasty bed bugs from your dog or cat's bed is to purchase  CEDAR WOOD CHIPS   and place them inside the pet's bed.  This is an old method used by dog breeders and in kennels.  Place the wood chips in the inside and around the edges of the pet's bed and make sure the soft stuffing is completely surrounding the wood chips to block any dust emitted from the wood chips.   You also want to make sure the soft stuffing makes a softer surface for your dog or cat to lay upon.  

This is the same concept that is used by people who line closets with cedar to keep moths, mites and other insects from invading their closets.  Packages of cedar wood chips can be found on Amazon.com and in most pet stores.  Home repair centers such as Menard's and Home Depot sell the actual red cedar boards that can be used to line your closets to deter these pests. 

The natural resins and other aromatic chemicals emitted by the cedar wood chips often kill or inhibit the spread of fleas, mites, ticks, moths and bed bugs. Wood from western red cedar (Thuja  plicat) contains the highest amount of natural insect repellent resins with white cedar (Thuja  occidentalis) and Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria  japonica) containing a little smaller amount.

In the hundreds of years before modern pesticides, people lined cedar wood chips on the floor around their beds and inside their mattresses to fend off bed bugs and other pests.  While the wood chips are not as effective as modern pesticides, it is still possible to use them as extra protection in the case of an infestation.

Cedar Wood Chips in the Box Spring Mattress

Simply package the wood chips in small 5" x 5" packages using an op[en weave material such as cheesecloth in the bottom box spring of your mattress et -- along the outer edges.  While this method won't prevent the bed bug infestation, the resins will deter and hopefully kill a small newly infested room  and mattress before the population explodes.   You can also place cedar wood chips inside your dresser drawers to simulate a cedar lined drawer to keep bed bugs and moths etc., from wanting to live in the cracks and crevices of your dresser drawers.

Cedar Oil Spray

Cedar Oil spray is also available in a spray form that contains the resin chemicals from the cedar wood chips.  Spray the inside of your dog's bed and  your kitty condo and bed every two (2) weeks if you have a bed bug infestation.    You can also use it to spray the outside walls of your dressers and on the dust boards under the drawers to deter bed bugs and moths from wanting to live in your dressers drawers. 

Cedar Wood Chips and Oil Will Not Eradicate An Infestation

The methods of using cedar wood chips and oils is meant to prevent an occasional bed bug that has entered the home.  Once you have an infestation of bed bugs living in your bedroom, it is impossible to kill a large quantity of bed bugs using cedar wood chips and oil.  This method is a preventative to repel and possibly kill the one or two bed bugs you accidentally brought home before they multiply. 

Bed bugs can hatch from an egg and as long as there is a blood meal available, can grow to an adult in 30 days and capable of laying eggs.  The bed bugs live for approximately 1 year and one (1) female bed bug can lay 300-500 eggs in her lifetime.  Each egg will grow to adult maturity in 30 days and begin laying more eggs.  This is why it is imperative that you seek professional help immediately after discovering bed bugs.