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Bed Bugs Are The Ultimate Hitch-Hiker

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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

You can get bed bugs by sitting in a chair in a theater, restaurant, train, lobby chair etc.  If another person had bed bugs in their home or apartment, there is a large chance that the small, tiny bed bugs are hiding on their clothing.  When these people sit in a chair, the bed bugs crawl off their clothing onto the chair.  Then you later sit on that chair and the bed bug crawls onto your clothing.  Getting bed bugs is that easy!

When bed bugs first hatch, they are so small that you can barely see them with your eyes.  Look at a penny.  A bed bug can be smaller than Lincoln's nose on the penny.  It is only after they have grown for months that they grow large enough for you to easily see them.

By that time, they have been laying eggs at the rate of 5 per day.  Females typically lay 500 eggs during their six to 12 month life span.  Each of these eggs hatch in 4 to 12 days and can become adults that are able to lay their own eggs within 30 days.  With 3 months, you can have thousands of bed bugs.

One apartment unit can infest an entire building

Bed bugs are so tiny that they easily move from bedroom to bedroom and from one apartment to another within a building.  They will move under the base boards in the room, under the dry wall to another room or apartment.  They can crawl through the cracks in the fire walls that separate attached apartment buildings or offices.

Sitting in the wrong chair can mean getting bed bugs

They hitch-hike from the clothing of a child that goes to school and lives in a home that has bed bugs.  They crawl off the clothing into the chairs or carpeting and then crawl onto another child.  That child brings the bed bug home in their clothing and -- the next thing you know your home is infested.

Visitors can bring bed bugs instead of flowers or wine for dinner

If your visitors have bed bugs in their home, there  is a chance that they may have a bed bug on their clothing.  That bed bug will crawl off their clothing and onto your couch or chair.  Then you later sit on that couch or chair.

The same thing can happen if you visit friends who have bed bugs.  You sit on their couch or chair and again you can take the chance of getting a bed bug on your clothing that you bring home.

Call Cole Home Maintenance for Help

Cole Home Maintenance knows how to eliminate bed bugs.  There is no reason to be ashamed or afraid to ask for help.  People in million dollar homes with a cleaning crew every week get bed bugs.  You are not alone!  The important thing --  is that you call for help as soon as you find bed bugs.  If you are finding bug bites on your arms or legs, chances are you are having a reaction to the bed bug bites.  These bites may look like small insect bites or a more severe reaction can start to look  like a rash.