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Clean Homes Can Get Bed Bugs

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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

It is a common myth that only "dirty people" or "dirty homes" get bed bugs.  This myth probably got started when bed bugs were being eliminated in the U.S. homes and people thought that bed bugs were only in "slums" and not in the middle- and upper-class homes.

The truth is that anybody can get bed bugs.  You can have the cleanest home in town and find to your horror that you have bed bugs.  The normal reaction is to be so ashamed that you don't want to tell anybody or to even look for some help.  You don't want anybody to know what is happening.

You may think that if you could only clean the floors more, or vacuum more or be cleaner, you would not have gotten bed bugs.  The truth is that no matter how clean you keep your home -- you can still get bed bugs.  Million dollar homes with a cleaning crew each week can get bed bugs.  Sloppy homes may not ever get them.

Read the article about how bed bugs are the ultimate hitch-hiker.  To get bed bugs, you simply sat in a chair that somebody who had bed bugs at home and on their clothing sat in the chair before you did.  It is really that easy.

One of your biggest fears is that when you call for professional help, the company comes with a little white truck that has huge signs that scream to the entire neighborhood "We have bugs -- bugs so bad we need professional help!"   

Cole Home Maintenance will never come with a truck  with any markings or advertising that gives any hint that there is a problem.  The neighbor's will never know we are there to help you.