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Do You and Your Exterminator Have Two Different Goals?

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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

Complaint Complaint Complaint Complaint Complaint Complaint Complaint

You want the cockroaches and bed bugs  gone and your exterminator wants to keep coming back every month to spray again and again and again and charge you every month.  Your tenants complain to you they still have cockroaches.  The exterminator has guaranteed money every month being paid to him.

The reason you never get rid of the cockroaches may be because your exterminator sprays the cockroaches that are in the apartment that day with a spray that only lasts until the spray  dries or up to one week at the most. This means that only cockroaches that die are the ones who contact (walk on the wet spray) that day while the spray is still wet and has not dried.  If your exterminator misses a cockroach hiding place -- a baseboard, under the refrigerator or stove, or dishwasher,  in a hollow door, in a closet, behind the kitchen counter, in a closet, behind the baseboards  -- those cockroaches survive to breed and lay more eggs.  Those eggs then hatch and mature and lay more eggs for weeks before the exterminator comes back and sprays again to kill  only the cockroaches that the spray touches.

The Endless Cycle

It is an endless cycle of spray the bugs, kill only the ones that come into contact with the wet spray that day and allow the others to breed and lay more eggs so the apartments need to be sprayed again in a month -- and again -- and again -- and again.  You pay every month and the exterminator gets paid every month for a year.  The only person who is happy is the exterminator!   

Your tenants are unhappy and you are left wondering why you are paying and paying and never get rid of the cockroaches.

Do You Want An Exterminator That Never Rids Your Building  of Cockroaches?

Getting rid of cockroaches means that you spray the bugs on that day AND ALSO spray or dust with a pesticide that keeps working for up to 3 months to kill those newly hatched from the eggs.  Your exterminator may not want to use the long-lasting pesticides because it is expensive and cuts into his profit.   Worse for him -- he may actually get rid of all the cockroaches in the building.  Then you may start to realize he is spraying your building month after month after month when the cockroaches are gone.

No Cockroaches Found But Sign a Year's Contract Anyway

When I was doing a comparative analysis of other exterminators, I called several to come and look at my apartment building (there were no cockroaches in the entire building).  All of them admitted that it was the cleanest building they had been in but ALL OF THEM  tried to get me to sign a year's contract to "keep the building free of cockroaches".   This is a true story.

The moral of this story is that the goal of those exterminators was to get a paycheck of about $1,200 to $1,800 a year in their pocket.  They didn't realize who they were talking to.  If they could try to do that to me, they ARE DOING THAT TO YOU!  

Your tenants Carry the Cockroaches and Bed Bugs into Your Building

Read the article about cockroaches on this web site.  Learn how the cockroaches come into your building.  Your tenant or tenants are carrying them into the building.  Most of the time, not all the tenants are doing that.  Usually there is only one or two apartment that seem to always have cockroaches.  If you don't wipe them out, they spread to your other apartments.

These tenants either work in a restaurant, food store, warehouse, or visit friends who have cockroaches in their apartments.  Sometimes they have friends who come over and have cockroaches or bed bugs on their clothing.  That is the most common way cockroaches and bed bugs get into your building.  (Read the article on this web site about bed bugs).    Sometimes the cockroaches are hiding in cardboard boxes that were brought from the food stores or in the delivery box of ordered merchandise.  (That is why you should never allow a store to put your groceries in one of their extra cardboard boxes to carry home your groceries).   Bed bugs can be brought in on your tenants clothing after they have been to a movie theater, restaurant or simply bought clothing at a store.  These bugs are spreading like wildfire across the entire United States.

You Need a Different Exterminator!

If you currently have an exterminator that cannot keep your building free of all cockroaches all month long, you need another exterminator!   You don't need an exterminator that has to come back every month for a year while your tenants constantly live with cockroaches that are only gone for a week at a time.   If by chance, you exterminator did get rid of all the cockroaches in your building, you are spraying pesticides in apartments that no longer need them while you are paying and paying every month for something that you no longer need.

The One Tenant Who Brings in Cockroaches

Most of the owners that I have talked to have onr or two tenants who always seem to have more cockroaches than the other tenants.  You may even suspect they are the source of the cockroaches in your building.  These are probably tenants who work in restaurants, warehouses, have friends who come over with the cockroaches on their clothes from another apartment building or visit friends who have cockroaches.  These cockroaches then spread to the other apartments.  You don't want to get rid of these tenants because they pay their rent on time and don't damage the apartment.  Other than cockroaches, they are considered good tenants.  (You could do worse than them).   You would be more successful in ridding your building of cockroaches, and when the entire building is clean, only focusing on that one or two apartments by spraying and dusting that apartment with a long-term 3 month pesticide.  It is also much cheaper than spraying the entire building every month. 

Most exterminator companies do not want to come out to spray only one apartment.  It is not profitable for them.   After all, somebody has to pay for all that advertising painted on the sides of those little white pick-up trucks.    And who wants to have little white pick-up trucks with large signs screaming at the neighbors that "WE HAVE BUGS!    IT IS  SO BAD WE NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!   Cole Home Maintenance will NEVER come to your building with big signs screaming to the neighbors or customers that Cole Home Maintenance  is spraying for bugs.   We respect your privacy.

Cole Home Maintenance Can Focus on That One Apartment

Cole Home Maintenance does not provide a yearly contract.  Cole's goal is to rid your building of cockroaches and bed bugs and keep it free from cockroaches and bed bugs.   This is done by not only killing the cockroaches that are in the apartment on the day the apartment is sprayed, but also spraying and dusting with a long lasting 3-month pesticide, along with baits.  These long lasting pesticides kill the cockroaches and bed bugs that are hatching BEFORE they can mate and lay more eggs.  Cole Home Maintenance wants to break the cycle of just killing the cockroaches walking around for the 1st week. Cole believes it's important to kill the bugs all 4 weeks of the mounth

Once the entire building is clean and no more cockroaches are hatching from the eggs, if you have onr or two tenants that seem to be the source of the cockroach problem, Cole Home Maintenance can focus on that apartment at a far lower cost than you are paying for a year's contract to spray your entire building every month.  Cole Home Maintenance will spray and dust those apartments with a 3-month longer lasting spray and dusts and baits to stop the source of the problem and stop it from spreading.    You won't need to pay another exterminator to keep spraying  month after month after month.  You won't have apartments sprayed with pesticides that no longer need to be sprayed.     Do you really want to keep spraying pesticides in apartments that no longer need to be sprayed?

Do You Have to Arrange Every Month for Tenants in 6 Apartments To Be Home?

You eventually no longer have to arrange for tenants in 6 apartments to be home to be sprayed.  If your tenants are like mine, they work long hours and are not home during the day.  If you tenants are not home during the day, how do you now your exterminator is actually spraying their apartments every month?  Do you have to go to the building and open up all the apartments when your tenants are not home?  That may be a liablity problem of entering their apartments when they are not home.  Or does your current exterminator simply not spray those apartments?   If that is true, no wonder you can never get rid of those cockroaches.

Cole Home Maintenance does not charge extra to spray your apartment building on the week-ends when your tenants are home or in the eveing after your tenants come home from work.  Most large exterminator companies do not want to pay their people extra money for working at night or week-ends. 

Cole Home Maintenance uses many methods to kill the cockroaches to provide a 3-month long-term pesticides to keep killing after the initial spraying.  If you work with your tenants and ask them every month when you collect your rent if they see any cockroaches, after a time, the apartments only have to be sprayed when one of your tenants say they see a cockroach.    Pesticides are chemicals.  You should not want to spray apartments that do not need to be sprayed simply because you signed a one year contract to spray whether these apartments need it or not.

Tenants Take Better Care of the Apartment When It Does Not Have Cockroaches

Tenants want to live in a clean, cockroach-free building.  They want to stay when their lease is expired.  They don't want to move.  The side benefit is they keep their apartment cleaner, do less damage, and will start to tell you if they see an occasional cockroach if they know you will tak action.  It is to your benefit to have their one apartment sprayed to stop the spread to other apartments.

If your tenants are like mine, they start to tell you when their toilet leaks.  Water is  expensive.  Most owners only find out about a leaky toilet when they get their water bill and it is $200 more than it should be.  They keep the front and back doors closed and locked.  This prevents heat from escaping in the winter when you are paying to heat the building.  They pay their rent on time because they do not want to move.  They're afraid the new building may have cockroaches and bed bugs.  The new building manager or owner may not care to provide a clean building like you do -- so they stay and re-new their lease.

Cockroaches and Bed Bugs Can Become Resistant to the Spray

If your exterminator does not spray the apartments of tenants who were not home at the time of spraying can cause your building to continue to have cockroaches and bed bugs -- and worse can happen, the remaining cockroaches are developing "pesticide tolerance".

A big problem can occur that the remaining bug can build a tolerance to the spray that was used. Which means more and more of that pesticide is needed to kill that bug. Worse -- their offspring have that tolerance too.

Most exterminators only use a contact spray that works on the cockroaches for  a week at most,-- depending on the pesticide --  it may only last as little as the pesticide is still wet.  Putting down baits, spraying and dusting the cracks and crevices takes a lot of time, and time is something that the person who is doing the spray does not have when he gets paid by the number of apartment buildings he sprays a day.   (Look at the links called complaints at the top of the page). The time issue encurages sprayers to do as little as possible and get to the next job.  

This means that there are fewer and fewer pesticides that are able to kill the bugs because of these exterminator practices.  Any exterminator that does not have the goal to try to completely rid your building of cockroaches -- and after a year of spraying never seems to get rid of the cockroaches --  are contributing to the resistance / tolerance problem.

When Your Tenants Are Not Home

If other apartments haved not bee sprayed, those cockroaches move into the sprayed apartment and may not get a lethal (deadly) dose of the pesticide spray.  They could start to build-up a tolerance and start to pass that tolerance to their off-spring.

When too many exterminators operate their business by not spraying each and every one of the apartments, eventually the cockroaches and bed bugs build up such a tolerance that fewer and fewer pesticides are useful.  It's a dangerous game for these big companies to pay just to get a year's contract money out of you.

Longer Lasting Sprays, Dusts and Powders are More Expensive

The franchise owner may not want to spend the extra money for the longer lasting sprays and dusts.  These products are expensive and they cut into their profit. All they see are short term profit, they don't care about the long term happyness of their customers.
Another reason the franchise owner may not want to use the longer lasting sprays and powders is that they work continusly for about 3 months. From their point of view, they need the bugs to be there every month so they can keep comming back every month to spray again and again.

You Are Not the "   ONLY ONE"    WHO IS UNHAPPY

Have you signed a 1-year contract with a big pest control company?  They come out every month but they never get rid of the cockroaches? 
 You call to complain and are told "that you are the only one complaining".  Everybody else is happy with their service but you.

Why Do They Say That?           Because It Works!

See the links to other web sites at the top of the pages that explain the COMPLAINTS OF FORMER EMPLOYEES   and other customers have with some of these larger companies.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You are not the only building owner having problems with your current exterminator. who has you under a year-long contract.    Remember, that it is an old trick played by any business owner who wants to shut you up.  They all will tell you that you are the ONLY ONE who is having a problem.   They tell you that all their other customers are happy with their services but you.

This is the standard phrase made by companies who want you to shut up and stop complaining.  They do it to make you doubt yourself.  These companies may even offer to come out and spray again.  They say that to make  themselves appear as the "good guys" who are looking out for you and you are just being overly critical.  They may even blame your tenants for re-infesting your apartment building or blame you for bring cockroaches into your restaurant from your food suppliers' packages.   IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You Need a New Exterminator!

Is the Person Spraying Your Building Certified and Licensed by the State of Illinois?

Read the article about the loop-hole in Illinois law that allows he exterminator company to only have a licensed exterminator in the office but allows non-licensed people to actually spray your building.   When you signed that year's contract, you assumed only a licensed exterminator would be doing the spraying.  That is not true.  Many men who are driving those little-white trucks are not licensed by the State of Illinois.  Some have taken the test examination and failed time after time.  They don't have enough knowledge and training to pass the test.

Every time you have your exterminator company send somebody to spray your building, ask to see his "STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATION"  card.   It is an Illinois law that all certified technicians must carry that card on their person when spraying your building.  If they do not ahve that card, demand that the company send a person licensed by the State of Illinois.  That may be why you never get rid of the cockroaches.   The actual person doing the spraying doesn't have enough training and knowledge to know how to get rid of your cockroaches.  After all,  if they don't have that card, they could not pass the Illinois examintion to get one.



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