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Entrepreneurs Are Inventing to Cash In On Bed Bug Control

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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

Be cautious of the many people who are scrambling to cash in on the spread of bed bugs.

There has been little notice taken over the last 50 years about bed bugs.  In recent years, bed bugs have spread all over the U.S. at such a rapid pace that many people are trying to invent products in the hopes of becoming rich.

Heating an Apartment to Kill Bed Bugs

We have received a report that a licensed exterminator charged an apartment owner $800 to heat one of his apartment units -- supposedly to 180 degrees for 3 hours to kill bed bugs.  The downside is that at that heat, the electronics in the owner's stove, dishwasher and/or refrigerator can be damaged.  The tenant's television cannot stand that high of a temperature.  The tenant's furniture has glue in the joints that will be damaged at that heat. 

Think about what will happen to plastic that is put in your 180 degree F oven for 3 hours.  Try hating your dining room furniture or couch to such a high heat.  You will find that the glue will be damaged, the wood would be damaged and the varnish on the wood may be damaged.   When you think with common sense, these "brain-storms" are really not the best alternative.

To prove that point you can always put the wooden knife holder for your larger knives in the oven at that temperature (or the high temperature professed by somebody who wants to do this) and see what is left of it when you are done.  Chances are you will have to buy another wooden knife holder when you are done because the glue will lose its ability to hold the wooden pieces together.

It did not work because propane heaters cannot heat the mass of an apartment unit to that high temperature in three (3) hours.  (The mass is the walls, floors, furniture, etc.).  These bed bugs are so tiny they probably just crawled under the walls and out into the hall to another apartment or through the flooring to a cooler location.

That person probably got that idea from the researcher's report from a university that put bed bugs in an oven and found that they died when subjected to high heat.  The problem is that you cannot take that researcher's experiment in an oven  and think you can expand that result to heat an entire apartment unit that high.

Tent Around the Bed and Furniture Does Not Work

Trying to put a tent on the bed with a heater inside the tent will most likely drive the bed bugs into the flooring, under the carpeting and probably under the wall into the hallo.  The fact that a pillow or blanker in a hot dryer will kill bed bugs in 20 minutes does not necessarily mean that an entire mattress will work as well.  These bed bugs are very good at finding small openings to escape.  The tent is not air tight -- if it was the air would explode just like putting too much air into a balloon by pumping hot air into the tent.  Remember that just because the pests are called "bed bugs" does not mean that is the only place they live.

A favorite place for bed bugs to live is in the carpeting and inside the walls of the bedroom, cracks and crevices in flooring, furniture, clothing,  light fixtures, drapes, and wall moldings to name a few.  Putting a tent around a bed will not completely eradicate them in all their other hiding places.

Think about whether the wooden frames of the furniture can still be glued together after the glue is heated to such a high heat.  If you don't want to sacrifice your knife holder to such high temperatures, try putting a book into your oven at such high heat.  See what happens to the book binding glue.  I know the book I accidentally left in my car for a week in July fell apart when the  glue in the book binding failed.  The glue in the furniture is not rated for such high heat either.

Bet This "Brain-Storm" Sounded Good Until You Think Rationally About It

The other problem is that just because the pest is called a "bed bug" does not mean that they only  live in the mattress and the bed.  They also live in cracks in your dresser, your drapes, lamps, picture frames, carpeting, floor board cracks, door frames and in your clothing, bedding, blankets, towels, etc.

It is true that you can kill bed bugs and their eggs if you put a pillow, clothing, blankets, linens, sheets, etc., in a hot dryer for 20 minutes but it is impossible to heat an entire apartment until to that heat in 3 hours.

This is a real life example of an entrepreneur trying to cash in on the new problem of bed bugs by taking money from people who are desperate to be rid of the bed bugs.

Freezing Bed Bugs to Kill Them Does Not Work in the Real World

Another researcher at a university discover4d that if you put bed bugs in a freezer at 0 degrees F for 36 hours, you will kill them.  While this is true, there are articles on the web that tell people to put their mattresses out in the cold January weather to kill bed bugs.  The problem?  The sun will warm the mass of the mattress and heat the mattress enough that in 36 hour9s the bed bugs will not be killed.  The sun provides a lot of heat even on a cold January day.  That is why solar heating a house works so well in the cold of winter.  Another article says to put your mattress in a freezer.  I don't anybody who owns a freezer that would allow bed bug infested mattresses inside with the food.    People need to keep in mind that what works in theory may not work in the real world.  A freezer is not the same as a cold January day and an oven is not the same as a very warm room.

Ask if the Person Who is Trying These Methods is a Licensed Exterminator

Licensed exterminators have been licensed by the State in which they work.  In order to obtain this license, you need to have a very extensive educational background with mandatory education throughout the years.  Licensed exterminators are also required to carry a minimum of $300,000 of liability insurance in case there is damage.  A licensed exterminator is required to carry his license on his person when performing exterminator work on a person's property.  Ask to see it.  Any exterminator who has a license is proud to have the license and is happy to show it to you.