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"Organizatin of the Ordinance" is estaablished soley as a guide to the proper use of the Cook County Building Ordinance, and shall not be construed to be part thereof for purposes of construction, or interpretation or otherwqise.

To facilitate its use, this ordinance is arranged in wuch a  manner that the user can readily locate any and all pertinent reuqiremnts.  The major Parts of the ordinance are explained below:

Part A

The first seven (7) articlesa of this ordinance conatitute the administrativ and introductory sections, whrein the general, administrative and enforcement provisions are established.   In Part A, the applicant detrmines the classificatino of his building or structure, both as to occupancy class and construction type, which is necessary for the proper interpretation of Parts B and C.  Determination of construiton type is also essential in the application of the conflagration district limitations established in Article VII.

Part B
The second major Part of the ordinance consists of eleven (1) special requirement articles bearing titles which reflect the class of building occupancy established in Article VI of Part A. 

After detemining -- in Part A -- the correct occupancy class and construciton type of the building involved, the applicant then turns to the article in Part B which is applicable to his particular building.  Within said article the applicant further isolates pertinent requirements by directing his attention only thosae applicalbe to teh particular construction type of  his building.

Threfore, an applicant need only refer to one of the the elevan articles within Part B; this one article supplies him with all special requirements peculiar to his particular building.

Part C

This segment of the ordinance contains the general building requirements, applicable to all buildings regardless of occupancy class or construction type.  Unlike Part B, the applicant must comply with every requirement in each article of Part C -- Articles XIX through XXXX.

Part D

This portion of the building ordinancne is comprised of the necessary and desirable appendices, which will aid the user significantly in the interpretation and application of the provisions of the Cook County Building Ordinance.  In addition, a general index to the contents of the ordinance will be found in Part D.

Part E

Permit Fee Schedule ofr Cook County Department of Building and Zoning

Part F

Cook County Environmental Control Ordinance

Part G

Title 14 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, comprising the Chicago Electrical Code which is considred accepted engineering practice for sitautions not covered in Article XXXVII, Electrical Requirements.