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Is Your Restaurant Bugged by Cockroaches?

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Did you sign a 1 year contract with a pest control company (exterminator) that comes every month but you never see any dead cockroaches -- even after the  restaurant was sprayed?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE    Many owners of restaurants cannot understand why they pay month after month after month and never   get rid of those cockroaches.  Some restaurant owners call their current company and must argue with them to have them come back during the month.  Other owners have been told it their fault because their food deliveries are the cause of the cockroaches.  Others have argued and have just given up that there is nothing more they can do.

Your current company ignores you until it is time to re-sign that 1 year contract.  Then all of a sudden, the exterminator company sends that smiley, friendly salesman back to your location and AGAIN ASSURES YOU  that your problems are over if you just sign that contract again.

That smiley salesman's sole reason is to get you to renew that contract so that he can get his pay check for locking you up again for inferior service.

Aren't You Tired of Cockroaches?
You Do Not Have to Live With Cockroaches !

What You Need is a DIFFERENT Exterminator

Cole Home Maintenance has heard the same story over and over again.  Your current exterminator comes -- spends 10 minutes spraying and leaves.  You never see any dead cockroaches.  You wonder if the hired-help of your exterminator company is spraying water. 

The only dead cockroaches in your restaurant are the ones you and your employees step on with your their feet.

Call Cole Home Maintenance --   A LICENSED EXTERMINATOR

There is a loop-hole in the Illinois law that allows the exterminator company to send out a non-licensed person as "hired -help"  to spray your restaurant.  The law allows that if one person back at the office has a license - he can hire non-licensed people off the street, (hired-help), give them a little white truck and some pesticides and send them to an address to have them do your spraying.   You deserve to have a licensed technician spraying your restaurant -- not just anybody off the street.

 The only way to tell if the person spraying has any knowledge about what he is doing is to ask to see his  " STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL TECHNICIAN"  card.  If the person spraying your building does not have this card - he is not licensed by the State of Illinois and does not have the knowledge and training to know what he is doing.   Who cares if the owner is a licensed exterminator if the company with the little white trucks   SENDS OUT HIRED-HELP OFF THE STREET to spray your restaurant.     You pay for an exterminator and if the person who is spraying does not have that card. he is not an exterminator himself.    Don't you think that is a reason why you never get rid of the cockroaches in your restaurant?

Cole Home Maintenance will NEVER have an unlicensed person spray your restaurant.  Make the phone call -- you will be surprised to find out that cockroaches are not hard to remove from your restaurant.  When Cole Maintenance comes to your restaurant YOU SHOULD FIND DEAD COCKROACHES AFTER ANY EXTERMINATOR  LEAVES.

You do not need to live with cockroaches. 

You just need to make the phone call to Cole Home Maintenance to


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