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Kansas Bed Bug Law

Article 36 

Food Service Establishments, Food Vending Machine Companies and Lodging Establishments

28-36-77  Guest Rooms

(p)  Each guest room shall be free of any evidence of insects, rodents, and other pests.

(1)  If a guest room has been vacant for at least 30 days, the licensee shall visually inspect that room for any evidence of insects, rodents, and other pests within 24 hours of occupancy by the next guest.

(2)  No guest room that is infested by insects, rodents or other pests shall be rented until the infestation is eliminated.

(3)  The presence of BED BUGS , which is indicated by  observation of a living or dead bed bug, bed bug carapace, eggs or egg casings, or the typical brownish or blood spotting on linens, mattresses, or furniture, shall be considered an infestation.

(4)  The presence of BED BUGS shall be reported to the regulatory authority within one business day upon discovery or upon receipt of a guest complaint.

(5)  All infestations shall be treated by a licensed pest control operator (PCO)

(6)  All pest control measures, both mechanical and chemical, shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

(7)  No rodenticides, pesticides or insecticides shall be stored in a guest room or in any area that could contaminate guest supplies, food, condiments, dishware or utensils.

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