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New York Automatic Contract Renewal Law

Section 5-903

1)  As used in this section, "person" means an individual, firm, company, partnership or corporation

2)  No provision of a contract     for service, maintenance or repair to or for any real or personal property which states that the term of the contract shall be deemed renewed for a specified additional period  UNLESS THE PERSON RECEIVING THE SERVICE,  maintenance, or repair GIVES GIVES NOTICE TO THE PERSON FURNISHING such contract service, maintenance or repair of  his intention to terminate the contract at the expiration of  such term, SHALL BE ENFORCEABLE AGAINST THE PERSON RECEIVING   the service, maintenance or repair, UNLESS THE PERSON FURNISHING    the service , maintenance, or repair,  at least fifteen days and no more than thirty days   previous to the time specified for serving such notice upon him SHALL GIVE TO THE PERSON       RECEIVING the service, maintenance or repair WRITTEN NOTICE, SERVED PERSONALLY OR BY CERTIFIED MAIL,     calling the attention of that person to the existence of such provision in the contract.

3)  Nothing herein contained shall be  construed to apply to a contract in which the automatic renewal period specified is one month or less.

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