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Protect Your Luggage From Bed Bugs When Traveling

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$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

It is believed that one of the main ways that bed bugs have hitch-hiked across the U.S. so quickly the past five (5) years, it is in the luggage of people who have stayed in hotels, motels while on business and vacation.

The best way to prevent bed bugs coming  home with you is to never put your clothing in the dresser drawers in hotels and motels in which you are staying.  Another way is to not place your luggage on the extra bed in your room.  Although it is less convenient, it is much better to "live out of your luggage" instead of spreading your  clothing out in the room.    Ask your hotel manager for a luggage rack to put your luggage on instead. 

Bring plastic bags that seal tightly for your clothing that has been used to keep it separate from your clean clothing.  That way you don't take the chance of bed bugs crawling into the seams of your clothing and hitch-hiking back to your home.  Companies have developed clothing bags that you can purchase that tightly seal for your clothing.

While clothing bags will protect your clothing from being infested with bed bugs, your luggage should also be enclosed inside a large plastic bag to prevent the bed bugs from entering the luggage itself.  Bed bugs are so small they can crawl through tiny openings and even through the zipper.

Use Cedar Wood Chips Inside Your Luggage

Cedar wood chips contain a natural resin that often kills or inhibits the spread of fleas, mites, ticks,  moths and bed bugs.  Wood  from western red cedar  (Thuja plicat) contains the highest amount of natural insect repellent resins with white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) and Japanese cedar (Cyptomeria japonica) contain a little smaller amount. 

If you won't want to go through the trouble of "bagging" your luggage, you can place packages of cedar wood chips around and inside your luggage to deter bed bugs from crawling near your luggage and trying to enter your bags.   Bed bugs do not like the smell of cedar wood chips and will avoid the immediate area around your luggage.

Use Cedar Oil Spray On and Around Your Luggage

CEDAR OIL   can be purchased in a mister bottle or aerosol spray and you can spray the area around your luggage to deter bed bugs.  These insects do not want to be near the smell of the natural resins in cedar wood and will avoid your luggage.

While this spray cannot 100% guarantee that you will not have bed bugs crawl in your luggage, you can use it as another method of protecting yourself as you travel.  It is cheap and effective and easy to spray the area around your luggage and on the outside of your luggage to repel bed bugs.

Cedar Wood Chips and Oil Will Not Eradicate An Infestation

The methods of using cedar wood chips and oils is meant to prevent an occasional bed bug that has entered the home.  Once you have an infestation of bed bugs living in your bedroom, it is impossible to kill a large quantity of bed bugs using cedar wood chips and oil.  This method is a preventative to repel and possibly kill the one or two bed bugs you accidentally brought home before they multiply. 

Bed bugs can hatch from an egg and as long as there is a blood meal available, can grow to an adult in 30 days and capable of laying eggs.  The bed bugs live for approximately 1 year and one (1) female bed bug can lay 300-500 eggs in her lifetime.  Each egg will grow to adult maturity in 30 days and begin laying more eggs.  This is why it is imperative that you seek professional help immediately after discovering bed bugs.