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The Well-Known Exterminator Companies are Franchises

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Cole Home Maintenance is an exterminator Located in Palatine and serving towns in
Lake County, Cook County, Mc Henry County, Du Page County, Kane County
$60.00 to spray up to a 2 bedroom apt for bed bugs

You own an apartment building.  The most common size in the Palatine and surrounding areas are 6-apartment units.  You find that your building has cockroaches.  You need professional help and choose one of the exterminators who  drive those little white trucks that have the big signs advertising bug control.  They refuse to talk to your about prices over the phone.     The next think you know they come over and want you to sign a year-long contract.  If you can't pay up-front they will direct you to a finance company for monthly payments.  You think your problems are over.  You have a big national company behind you.    WRONG!

You think you hired a big nation-wide company when you really hired a smaller, locally owned company who has bought the right to use the name that is well-known across the company.   The locally owned company that you call is really a "franchise".

How Does a Franchise Work?

The large companies with the little white trucks are a "franchise".  That means that each location buys the right to use the name of the franchise holder.  You think you have a nation-wide company and find out later that you are really at the mercy of the individual owner at the location you called.  You try to call the national-name company to complain.  You find out they will only refer you back the local location.   Each location of a franchise is run like a small company but instead of having individual names, they use the well-known name of the franchise in which to operate.   SURPRISE !!!!!

When we see a national-wide name company we automatically think there is a big corporation over-seeing each location.  That may or may not be true.  For instance:  Jewel Food Stores, Wall-Mart, Sam's Warehouse, Target, Dominick's Food Store, the Hyatt House Hotel, the Hilton Hotels are owned by a corporation that has different locations.  There is a corporation running the many locations.  Each of those locations have a manager that reports to the main company.

McDonalds and Burger King are individually owned franchises that are required to purchase all their products from the main corporation and adhere to the techniques set forth by the main company.  That is why no matter where you go, that sandwich is exactly the same.

The Comfort Inn is a franchise that bought the rights to use the name "Comfort Inn.    Each hotel is individually owned and instead of using an unknown name, they purchased the right to advertise they are the "Comfort Inn".   These franchises don't operate as described above.  The "Comfort Inn" is really a company that takes reservations - not operate hotels.    SURPRISE !!!   You call the "Comfort Inn" and they will redirect you or automatically place your reservation at the privately-owned hotel in the area you want who holds one of their franchise agreements to use their name and reservation services.   If you have a problem at home of the Comfort Inns you will find out you have to resolve it with the owner of that hotel just as you would at a wholly independent hotel / motel.

Hotels such as the Hilton Hotel are owned by a corporation and have locations they operate much like Wall-Mart or Target.   Each hotel manager reports to the main company.  

So you see there are different forms of franchises.

Each Location May Be  Privately Owned

The easiest way to understand the "franchise" method of operating businesses, is to realize that each franchise is a small-privately owned company that uses the name that is nationally recognized.  They may share in the cost of nationally-televised advertising.   This method gets you to call them.   They literally bought the right to advertise that name.  Sometimes there is a main "1-800" phone number that can transfer you to the franchise location in your area.  Now you are back to talking to the locally owned business franchise company.  (Remember some locations of companies may not be franchised and really entirely owned by  what is called a "parent" company.   The descriptions here are a general information over-view.    It then works the the Comfort Inn described above.  You call the main "1-800 phone number for a "Comfort Inn" in your area and you are  really talking to a reservation company who transfers you to or makes a reservation at the privately  owned Comfort Inn hotel in your area who has bought the right to operate under the name "Comfort Inn".  You would never now that unless you are injured at one of these hotels and call the main 1-800 number when your locally owned hotel does not provide you relief.  It is then you find out that the main Comfort Inn is only a reservation company selling the right to use the name.

How The National-Known Exterminators Advertise on the Internet and Local Phone Books

Go to the Internet and look at the national name brand web sites.  They tell you they cannot quote a price and services over the phone and you need to call your local "so-and-so" branch to give you an estimate of the cost.  Now you are back to talking to a small-privately owned company franchise owner who bought the right to use the nationally-recognized name..  SURPRISE !!!

If you don't believe it - test it.  Call the main 1-800 number and you will be referred to the local office.   You may not know that and think you are talking to the nationally owned company.  Ask that person about pest control in another state.  You will be told to call that location in another state.  They have no idea.  They are the locally-owned-franchised location who bought the right to use the name.


  You called the number because you thought you would be better off with a nationally-known company.   That is called the "BAIT".     That location says they need to come out and look at the problem before they can quote any type of pricing to you - even in general terms.  They don't do that over the phone.  In fact they won't even answer your questions about cockroaches or bed bugs or whatever you have a problem.  You are told to talk to the "salesman" they send.

You think they are being thorough.  What they are really trying to do is to get you to sign a year's contract.  This is the "HOOK".     It is so much easier to get your signature in person when a SMILEY-FRIENDLY SALESMAN comes out to "evaluate your pest problem" but is really there to reassure you that you can only be protected when you sign a year's contract.


We all know to be cautious about  USED-CAR SALESMEN   but what about that smiley-friendly salesman who comes to your building to evaluate your cockroach or bed bug problem?

What does that salesman really know about cockroaches and bed bugs?  Protect yourself !!!     ASK TO SEE HIS 'STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATION" CARD.
If that salesman doesn't have that card  on his person, then the State of Illinois has not certified that this salesman knows anything about  cockroaches, or bed bugs or pest control safety procedures  so   how can he evaluate your pest problem  ?


His job is to get you to sign a year's contract with the company location that hired him!  He will do that by being smiley and friendly and build up   confidence that "he knows that he is talking about".    That may work for selling advertising in a phone book but without being certified by the State of Illinois --  what does he really know about bugs and exterminating? 

Can't Pay For a Year's Contract Up-Front?       FINANCE IT

That smiley-friendly salesman will try to get your cash up-front.  If you tell him you can't afford it in a lump-payment he can arrange monthly payments
WITH  A FINANCE COMPANY.   The franchise location gets a year's payment up-front and you get a finance company to pay back.  You are locked into a year's contract that you can't get out of because you signed a promissory note with a finance company that you will pay each month.  You stop paying and they will report you to the credit bureau.

What Happens If Your Tenants Are Not Home?

Your tenants are probably like mine.  They work all day for a living.  Some work very long hours.  They are not all  home during the day.  You schedule an appointment for the pest control (exterminator) company to spray your building.  You call your tenants and tell them when the exterminator will be here.  They all agree.  Sounds great huh?  The problem is that not all your tenants will be there when the exterminator comes.  NOW YOU HAVE A PROBLEM !

Do You Really Think the Exterminator Comes Back Again

For the Tenants Who Were Not There  ?

Most of the big name exterminators are "franchises"   which have employees that may be paid a percentage of each location that they spray.  The most individual buildings that the person spraying does, the more money he makes.    If the person who is spraying spends too much time on your building, he makes less money because his percentage or salary is for spraying that one building and then another building.     He is not an owner of a small pest control company that actually cares about doing a good job.  The companies with the little white trucks are simply hiring people off the street that may or may not be certified - licensed exterminators.  These companies have already gotten your money up-front.   If you complain - they will tell you that you are the only one who has a problem with their services.  You weren't there the day the exterminator sent a person to spray.  Your tenants tell you they did not get sprayed.   Now it is your word  against the company and the company will tell you weren't even there so how would you know?

There is no extra money for their HIRED HELP  to come back to spray the apartments where the tenants were not there at the time.   The people who actually do the spraying are probably not paid by the hour.  (see the links called "complaints")  If only two of your six tenants are home, then only two apartments get sprayed and the other four are not.  The cockroaches in the 4 apartments spread to the two that were sprayed after a week when the contact spray stops working. 


Cole Home Maintenance Sprays Every Apartment

Cole Home Maintenance is a local pest control (exterminator) who services Palatine and the surrounding towns.  If one of your tenants is not home, we will come back to that tenant again until they are home.  Apartments that are not sprayed only allow those cockroaches and bed bugs to spread to other apartments.  Cole Home Maintenance wants your ENTIRE BUILDING to be free from cockroaches and bed bugs.


Who Should You Trust for Information?

A Smiley-Friendly Salesman    or      a Licensed Exterminator?


Cole Home Maintenance does not offer a year's contract.  When Cole comes out to spray your building, you can see a "structural Pest Control Technician Certification" Card and know he has taken the extensive training required by the State of Illinois.

Cole Home Maintenance sprays on week-ends and evenings at no extra charge.   Every apartment will be sprayed.  If you had a tenant that was not there at the time -- we will come back when the tenant is there.

There are articles on his web site to give you information about cockroaches and bed bugs.   You can call and your questions will be answered.   You can get rid of cockroaches and bed bugs.    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HIRE THE RIGHT COMPANY

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