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Where Do Cockroaches Come From?

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In restaurants and businesses
In apartment buildings and homes

Where Cockroaches Live

German cockroaches want to live in dark protected areas of your building.  This means behind the baseboards, behind your walls, under refrigerators and stoves, behind loose wallpaper, in cracks and crevices in the floors, doors and walls, etc.  These pets hide during the day and come out at night when the room is dark  in order to find food and water.

They lay more eggs in these dark, hidden places.   Those eggs hatch over a series of months to produce small cockroaches that will grow to lay more eggs in those dark, hidden places.

What Happens When Cole Home Maintenance

Sprays the Cockroaches?

Cole Home Maintenance sprays pesticides in all those dark, hidden areas of your building to kill the cockroaches where they live.  It is very common for hundreds of cockroaches to start running from the baseboards and walls out into the room as they try to get away from the pesticides.

The cockroaches that are living deeper into the walls will try to get away from the pesticides that are now inside your walls.  They will come into contact with the pesticide and either die inside the walls or try to get into the center of the room.  Over a period of days, weeks and months, the cockroach eggs will hatch and smaller cockroaches may be seen.  As these come into contact with the long-term pesticides and baits that Cole Home Maintenance has sprayed, they too will die.  This will continue to happen for months as the eggs continue to hatch from the eggs until the eggs are gone.

As new cockroaches are brought into the building from food shipments and cardboard boxes, on people's clothing, traveling from one apartment to another, from one store to another, they will find that they cannot hide behind the baseboards and walls.  They will continue to look for new places to hide.  As they look for shelter behind baseboards and inside walls, they find the pesticides and die.

Many exterminator companies only use a pesticide that lasts either hours or at most a few days.  They don't spend the time necessary to spray all the locations where cockroaches live and don't want to spend the money to use the more expensive pesticides and baits.  The result is that they never get rid of those cockroaches.   COLE HOME MAINTENANCE sprays the pesticides for the immediate killing  of these pests and then applies a long term (2 month) pesticide to continue killing them long after the liquid spray dries. 


(Federal law requires that pesticides are manufactured to only last a few months in order to protect the environment)